Save the Date!


Some couples may wish to send a Save the Date, around a year to six months before the Wedding to ensure their guests are able to make arrangements to attend the day. Paper Wedding offers a range of ideas for this such as label tags, magnets and dinky cards in envelopes.




Once you've decided it's time to think about Invitations, consider the number of Invites you may need. You'll probably already have an idea of how many guests you're inviting to the day and evening reception. You may not need as many as you thought, for example if you're inviting around 100 guests you will need around 50 invitations as many of your invites will be going to households and couples.




Paper Wedding can assist and advise you with whatever wording you decide to proceed with. More and more couples are beginning to break from tradition and have what they really want to say on their Wedding stationery, so anything goes these days. It's best to discuss this openly with your family first to make sure nobody gets offended.




You may wish to state exactly who is invited to the Wedding day, by clearly putting names on each invitations this may avoid any confusion later on down the line. At Paper Wedding a dotted line can be incorporated into each invite for you to then write each guests name.


Additional information, RSVP, etc.


At Paper Wedding we also provide additional information cards to accompany your Invitation, such as RSVP'S, Menu choices, maps and directions to your venue and gift information. These will make things so much easier when replies start to flood in, make sure you know when your venue will need to know numbers, menu choices and room bookings so you can plan a suitable date for sending your invitations out.